Sierra Integrative Medical Center optimizes health service by drawing from all schools of medicine. We utilize scientifically proven conventional treatments in combination with alternative therapies that are designed to strengthen the body so it can heal itself.

Our services are designed to provide a holistic healing approach with a broad range of healing modalities, including but not limited to homeopathy, natural and biological medicines, behavioral medicine, nutritional therapies, orthomolecular integration and neurotherapy.

We emphasize preventive protocols, so as to avoid recurrence and the development of new problems.

We are always open to accommodating patients. If you have a specific request, please contact us to discuss your health treatment or health protection plan.


Services include:

  • Integrative medical treatment
  • Chronic infectious diseases
  • Chronic degenerative diseases
  • Immune disorders
    • HIV
    • Lupus
  • Chiropractic services (Non-invasive)
    • Chiropractic manipulation (spine and extremities)
    • Cranial manipulation
    • Spinal decompression
    • Reflex testing
  • ADHD treatment
  • Biological hormone replacement
  • Chelation
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Complex medical issues
  • Episodic care
  • Health and wellness education
  • Heavy metals treatments
  • Homeopathic services
  • Liver care
  • Pain management
  • Patient advocacy
  • Phone consultations
  • Post traumatic stress syndrome
  • Specialty care
  • Weight loss
  • EEG
  • PEMF (Pulse Electric Magnetic Frequency)
  • Footbath
  • Lymphatic Massage


Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is the combination of practices and methods of alternative medicine with conventional medicine.Sierra Integrative Medical Center realizes healthful outcomes by establishing treatment plans which draw from all schools of medicine. We utilize scientifically proven conventional treatments in combination with alternative therapies.Our core principles include combined, holistic care focused on the best results with the least secondary impact on our patients.* Chronic diseases* Cancer care* Immune disorders

» Mental health

» Chiropractic

» Other services


Lyme Disease Treatment

We take great pride at SIMC in offering some of the most advanced therapeutic options available for the treatment of Lyme disease as well as other hard to treat infectious diseases. Above and beyond the use of traditional antibiotics, we employ a wide range of treatments. Some of our Lyme disease treatments include advanced nutraceuticals, integrated whole body detoxification, customized Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture, orthomolecular therapy, oxidative therapies, intravenous nutritional support and individualized homeopathic remedies. Our team of highly experienced and board certified physicians work collaboratively to evaluate and treat all of our patients in a cooperative effort to bring about the best results possible. We look forward to answering any questions you may have about being treated here at SIMC. Please call for a complimentary initial phone consultation.


Neurological Diseases

Individuals suffering from MS, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease know these diseases can be grossly life changing. Many patients carry these diagnoses by name only and very few know their true underlying cause. Some patients may have low grade autoimmune dysfunction secondary to an infection or an accumulation of an environmental toxins. These infections and toxins can express symptoms that look very similar to neurological conditions like those mentioned above. At SIMC, we encourage our patients to undergo extensive medical testing to ensure that there is not a reversible underlying cause to our patients neurological symptoms. With this valuable diagnostic information we can pursue a course of care that can lead to a partial if not full recovery of their neurological function. Please call one of our highly experienced physicians to discuss your case and see if what we offer can be helpful for you.